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France 2023


The GJP in France


In June, The Gospel Jazz Project crossed the channel to France for a series of lunchtime and evening performances. 

It was a time of much rejoicing as we met people and shared the joy of the gospel through the joy of jazz.


Here are a few highlights from our tour. 

Screenshot 2023-07-01 15.59.58.png
Kiosque & audience.jpeg


Tuesday 27th June

Our first lunchtime performance in Brive was a joyful start to our time in France. 

We played in the bandstand in a local park near a market.


In the evening we played in the Halle Georges Brassens. 


What an amazing venue for the start of our French tour 2023.  



Wednesday 28th June

We performed in a local square in the town of Saint-Céré, inviting passerbys to the evening concert in the Église des Recollets. What a delight it was when over 100 people arrived for an evening of gospel jazz. We thank the people for their wonderfully warm welcome and also for their enthusiastic participation.

If you look very closely, you might be able to see the band in the centre of the above photo. 

Abbaye d’Aubazine


Thursday 29th June

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, we had the opportunity to play in Aubazine. After a lunchtime performance in the square, we returned for an evening concert in the Abbaye d’Aubazine. 

It made for a special venue and we were once again warmed by the heartfelt welcome and response from the audience. 

Much praise and thanks to God for all he has been doing through our time in France. 


Hotel IBIS

Friday 30th June

Final day of our French tour found us in Périgueux at the Hotel Ibis. We played a lunchtime event followed by an evening performance to end our time in France. 

Thank you to all those who have supported us during our time in France. We have felt upheld through your prayers and are so thankful for all the generous hospitality along the way. 

We look forward to sharing more pictures and videos soon! 

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